Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/20 Came Early This Year.

One minute, I'm blazing on my couch and watching "The Office" reruns.

Then this guy knocks on my door and grabs my TV remote.

He says, "Billy Bro Tolliver, you gotta watch this new show. It's all about former steroid abusers who made mediocre movies and somehow parlayed those two All-American activities into becoming Governor of California."

We watched the first few episodes in stunned silence. My mind started to wonder, and I began questioning my role in this crazy universe. I thought about my childhood, my awkward teenage years, and how my commute to work doesn't take me near a Dunkin' Donuts.

I eventually bored of the situation, mainly because my buzz had been killed by my guest's incessant fits of crying. Also, he had morphed into a bratty baby girl.

I decided to go for a walk with my sweet little dog Priscilla. She grabbed the credit cards and asked if we could get some iced coffee.

We encountered a friendly calculus professor during our stroll. His name was Daniel S. Hitferbrains and he gave Priscilla a pretty flower.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hitferbrains also morphed into an entirely different being from our initial encounter. Fortunately, his new shape was a delicious ice cream cake.

While enjoying our tasty calculus professor/ice cream cake, Priscilla explained the key to finding happiness in a seemingly pointless existence:
"Arf arf! Whoof! Brrrrrrrp. hehhhhhhehhhh."

We napped under a large tree and waited for Saturday night's show at Jammin Java.

I had a crazy dream that "Write/Hear" reached #11 on the CMJ HipHop charts in only its 2nd week.

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